The advisor’s name VelociGrid comes from two words: Velociraptor (in Latin “fast hunter”) – one of the most dangerous bipedal predator dinosaurs, and Grid. It was chosen because of big number of trades and quick orders grid making aimed not to miss a single pip of possible gain.

Our advisor is a modified version of classic Forex system Martingale with a few improvements:

First grid order opens using one of five strategies with RSI indicator;

Each following grid level is built according to certain algorithm considering set distance between orders that makes dynamic distance between orders, not fixed by grid step;

There is also adjustable averaging function. Thanks to it, first few grid levels open with a basic lot preserving too fast drawdown caused by early lot increase of all open grid orders;

Additional opportunity to stand the whole grid take profit to Breakeven for decreasing deposit risk;

Integrated MoneyManagement system automatically set necessary lot depending on deposit without trader interference.

Let’s have a look at some examples of advisor work, given in the following chart:
On this screenshot you can see an example of making a grid of 6 orders:
Averaging of second order is activated, multiplayer is 1.8, starting lot is 0.2.
The grid is built with lots sequence: 0.2 - 0.2 - 0.36 - 0.65 - 1.17 - 2.11
Blue marks theoretical price for opening next level.
Yellow shows the level where the grid’s summary profit will be 0.
Here is the closure of the grid is shown with marked profit/loss of each order and percentage of deposit. Total profit is 1,39%.
One more example of the advisor’s work with grid stretched to 310 points. Total profit is 2,73%.

Video of the advisor’s work

Example of testing random .set file

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