Advisor settings description

SETUP Filters
 Set Name The name of a set file of advisor’s settings.
 Stop Trade After TP  The switch in "True" position stops the advisors work if no position is open or after all orders on the current pair are closed.
 Max Spread  Maximum allowed spread for first order opening. When Max Spread > 0, filter is activated. If spread is bigger than Max Spread value then the entry is delayed and another attempt is made on the next tick. If the entry wasn’t passed during the current candle, next one is possible only if signal is saved.
 Min leverage  New grid orders will be open only if current leverage more or equal value Min leverage.
 MaxDD Stop Percent Maximal allowed drawdown (in %) after which EA can't built new grids.
 MaxDD Release Percent Drawdown that, when reached, removes block forbidding to trade.
 LocalDD Close Percent When DD reached this percent all trade will be closed.
 Currency Filter Stop opening currency deals if there are already trades on this direction. Filter forbids opening trades on the same currency at the same time. If  Currency Filter = 0 – filter Off.  Currency Filter value mean delay to open orders after signal the appearance in seconds
For example, you open on EURUSD to BUY, that means that you freeze deals opening on EUR to BUY, and on USD to SELL. So USDCAD to BUY will open, and GBPUSD to BUY will not (only SELL). But a new deal on EURUSD to BUY will open.
(The delay is necessary to avoid the entrance at the same currencies when signal appeared in one tick for several pairs).
SETUP Expert
 Magic Individual Magic number. It helps the advisor to differ his orders from other advisors’ or manual opened orders.
 Take Profit Take-Profit value.
SETUP Mmanagement
Money Managment settings

Lot Current lot the first order will be open with. If Deposit AutoMM > 0, Lot value is not considered
Deposit AutoMM  Set deposit value per 0.01 (minimal) lot. When the value is 0 the lot size is taken from variable Lot
Example: Balance is 10 000, DepositAutoMM = 2 000, than original lot the grid will be open with equals 10 000 / 2 000 * 0.01 = 0.05
SETUP MartinGrid
 Multiplier The value that will be multiplied to the current open grid order’s lot. It’s used to count the next level lot.
Example: Current open position lot is 0.1, Multiplier = 1.6, then next grid order will  open with lot 0.16, then 0.25, etc.
 Distance Minimal allowed distance between grid orders.
 Break Even Level Grid order number, where Take Profit of all open positions  will be transferred to Breakeven.
Averaging Base Level  Averaging parameter. It’s equal to the number of levels which will be open sequentially with the basic lot.
Example: Averaging Base Level=3, Lot = 0.1, Multiplier = 1.6. the grid will be built with lot: 0.1 - 0.1 - 0.1 - 0.16 - 0.25
When Averaging Base Level = 1 - averaging is not considered.
When Averaging Base Level >= Averaging High Level,  Multiplier is not counted and the grid will be made according to averaging principalе.
Averaging High Level Level of order, when the Advisor starts averaging grid with last opened lot.Example: If AveragingHighLevel = 5, Lot = 0.1, Multiplier = 2, the grid will be built with lot: 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.4 - 0.8 - 0.8 - 0.8 …
SETUP Strategy
5 strategies of getting into the market with the first grid order. The entry is possible only with RSI indicator when Overbuy/Oversell and Sell/Buy levels cross. Or on RSI indicating + 4 additional conditions on author’s algorithm. 
Additional Trade 
Off – do not use.
BothDirectionTrade – EA will be open double-sided orders according RSI signals. .
Order Assistance
Auto – Correctness of Take Profit is checked and recalculated on each tick. If you change Take Profit manually or by third-party programs – it’s returned to the calculated position. If user close one or few orders manually – TP recalculating and transferring to the new price according with remaining orders, their lots, settings of TP basket. When basket is closed incorrect by TP, or in the case of broker execution errors, the remaining defective part of the basket forced closing at the current price. Manual - Correctness of Take Profit is checked and recalculated only at opening of new levels (orders). You can use this mode for change Take Profit of single order or whole grid manually or by third-party programs.
SETUP Indicator_RSI
 RSI Period
Period of RSI indicator value.
RSI MinMaxLevels 
Settings of overbuy/oversell RSI levels.
SETUP Design
Label Color   Color of the advisor’s labels.
Label Font Size  Size of info panel text.
Panel Type  Three types of info panel color.
Panel Transparency  Value of ransparency info panel background. From 0 to 255.
Expert Language   Option to choose the language of information shown in the terminal journal.
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