Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forex?
Forex (FOReign EXchange) – is an international out of stock market where currency exchange takes place every day. According to Bank of International Settlements daily trade amount is 5,3 billion dollars what let us call Forex the largest financial ocean in the world, where traders try to scoop some profit every day!
What is Advisor?
Advisor (or Forex Robot, Expert AdvisorEA) is a special program working on certain algorithm, wrote in MQL programming language in order to make Forex trading automatic.

The main advantages of automatic Expert are:
  - Ability to trade all day long, and what is more important with no emotions, that can’t be done personally;
  - Automation of boring processes, such as counting of trade lot, putting Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, making some helping lines, figures, signs on a chart, etc.;
  - Testing of trade strategies in a few minutes. Trader needs hours to check the history data on a chart, lots of indication and thousands of candle patterns.
I’m a beginner. Can I use your advisor?
Of course you can! You don’t need economic education or any special knowledge to start earning money with Forex.
Our Advisor is fully automatic. We did our best to describe its abilities and settings in details so that users had no complications.

All you need to do to become a participant of Forex is:
  1 Choose a Broker and register;
  2 Download MetaTrader4 terminal from Broker’s website;
  3 Open trade account and top up it;
  4 Buy and install the advisor to MT4;
  5 Watch the EA trading and studying terminal’s abilities.
What is Martingale system?
Martingale is the first name of system controlling games of chance bets, its principle is doubling bet at each loss (for example 1$ - 2$ - 4$ - 8$ - 16$ - 32$ - 64$, etc.) till the first win which will recoup all previous losses so the gamer gets gain. After winning the chain starts all over again. The main idea of the system is that There can’t be endless loss.

The system also became quite popular on Forex market after slightest modification: the first deal is open in the direction of supposed market move (for example, with lot 0,01). If the price went to the opposite direction from the expected to some certain order then the next position with lot will open equal to Multiplayer’s value  (let’s say 2) times previous order’s lot (2 х 0.01 = 0.02). Take-Profit of these orders is transferred closer to the current price for the distance when the summary profit of all grid orders closure will be positive. If the price goes on reducing additional orders will open (with lot 0.04 - 0.08 - 0.16 - 0.32, etc.) up to closing the whole grid on Take-profit.

Stop-Loss is not used when trading in the system for the latest open grid orders fulfill all previous losses. That’s why drawdowns appear on the trade diagram temporary but the grid itself is closed only positively and deposit grow line goes up.
What is Averaging?
Averaging method differs from Martingale by lot on all grid orders remaining unchanged and equal to the original. The advantage of such method is the whole order grid drawdown decrease because of no geometrical progression of the grid lot’s size.
It can be a great decision to use averaging for opening a few first grid orders before using Martingale. 
(example of increasing lot using Averaging+Martingale: 0,01 - 0,01 - 0,01 - 0,02 - 0,04 - 0,08 - 0,16, etc.)
Is it dangerous to use Martingale advisors?
Internet is filled with feedbacks telling that Martingale wipes accounts and are not able to make profit.
   We absolutely disagree with such opinion!

Everything depends on right sequence of actions made by developers group:
   - Programmer’s making accurate algorithm of advisor’s work;
   - Code team testing for visualization to find out all mistakes and correct them;
   - Qualified optimization of ready code on strategies tester;
   - Daily checking of robot trading on real account.

We’d like to highlight that VelociGrid has absolutely different principal order grid making from classical robots. It has some additional functions: averaging function (that’s why increasing of the trade lot in our settings doesn’t happen at the second order as usual), gateway on the indicator, possibility to transfer Take-Profit into Breakeven on a certain level. More detailed information is given in settings description of the advisor

We don’t state that world’s economic will not be changing in future and out advisor can cope with any storm in the market. Forex trading involves risks! Of course, price can move so that your deposit won’t be able to cope with, the same as ours. We can lose our investments as well. We would recommend you to fix your profit. You’d better withdraw money once in two weeks or once a month.

Our team did its best to make VelociGrid as safe as possible and able to compensate shortly invested money!
How to install your advisor?
VelociGrid works only on MetaTrader 4 terminal. If you haven’t chosen a broker yet you can check the list given below.
After installing the terminal you need to replace downloaded archive with the advisor to the terminal folder by pressing File > Open Data Folder

Opened folder will have similar direction: 

Then You should close the terminal. You need to extract the archive with the advisor to the root of the folder.

The main file .ex4 will be copied to folder .../MQL4/Experts, set files for advisor’s settings for each currency pair to the folder .../MQL4/Presets
Ready Profiles for easy installing of your advisor to the root folder .../profiles
After that you can turn on the terminal. The advisor will appear in navigator window.

You need to allow the advisor to trade getting into menu Service > Settings
Choose the tab Advisors and put ticks as in the picture below. Press OK

Then install VelociGrid profile.

Note: in the archive you can find profiles for pair with standard name (EURUSD) and pairs for a broker FortFS (EURUSDf).
In case your broker has some additional endings in currency pairs names (EURUSDs, EURUSDс, EURUSDm), the Profile will be downloaded incorrectly and you will have to install the advisor manually for each pair using given set-files.

If everything was done correctly a smile will appear in the right corner of the terminal.

Pay attention that time-frame on the currency pair chart should be the same with the time-frame given in the set file!
Can I use VelociGrid with other advisors on one account?
Yes, you can.
VelociGrid follows, corrects and closes only orders with numbers it gave (MagicNumber) and doesn’t influence other advisor’s work. But we recommend to use our advisor on separate account because other robots will use the part of recommended deposit increasing the risk for the whole account. We are not responsible for other robots which can influence VelociGrid trading.
What is the minimum deposit required to trade?
For each trade pair you need a certain balance amount. If you use all advisor’s sets minimal balance should be 10 000-13 000 points. If you trade on cent account the amount should be two zeroes less.
A table is attaches to the advisor for counting risks which allows user to put necessary risk for each pair in percent and DepositАutoMM amount.
Which broker will you recommend?
For stable work you need a broker that uses technologies for leading clients directly to liquidity suppliers (ECN/NDD/STP);
Minimal credit level should be 1:500;
Minimal trade lot 0.01;
Floating spread. Not more than 6.0 points.

If the deposit on your account is less than 10 000$, we would recommend to open cent account where the broker will add two zeroes to your balance or use less pairs.
(For example, if your balance is 100$, then your cent account will be 10 000$, that is minimal balance for your advisor).

Recommended brokers for standard accounts:

Alpari   FxOpen   Roboforex

Recommended brokers for cent accounts:

  Roboforex FortFS 
Do I have to use your settings of set files?
You can use the advisor as you wish. But we recommend to use our set files. We spent much time for working them out.

We used Dukascopy – (Swiss Forex Broker) quotes for optimization our sets because it’s well known as the source of accurate historical tick data. That means that tests quality of our advisor is always 99% in comparison to our competitors 90% and less.

Each trade pair was examined separately. Testing period took 6 years. The middle period of history was optimized (2011-2014yy) which is ~60% of the whole period. After choosing the best tests results, Backward and Forward tests took place (i.e. run of received optimization data in periods before and after, about 20% of time for each one). These tests were necessary to make sure the results were not changed according to history period and all parameters are reliable.
You can see it on the screenshot below:

After tests the most profitable sets’ steadiness was checked. Some parameters were changed a bit in the settings and the whole test was done again. If such results showed drawdown of the deposit not larger than in original data, the set file was considered to be steady and ready to be used with a real account. That’s how our current trade pairs portfolio was formed.
If the drawdown in future will be more then in the whole test period we will check the parameters for this pair and prepare new set files.
We’d like to know your advisor’s working hours
The advisor works 24 hours 5 days a week. Orders opening and their control are done all the time. Turning off the terminal during trading can cause deposit loss.

We strongly recommend you to use VPS (Virtual Private Server) distanced computer where you can place your trade terminal which will be active 24/7.

Many brokers do it for free or for a small payment. We would recommend to get free VPS (with account balance more than 1000$) from FortFs broker.
Among other servers is quite recommended and not expensive.
How many people can use one license?
One license is given for one terminal. After purchase you give us you trading account number and we add it to advisor code. Account number can be changed by sending a request to support service.
Are there any restrictions for the advisor use?
The advisor is allowed to trade only on users account using his investments. 
It’s forbidden to install VelociGrid on investment accounts like PAMM, MAM or signal service like MQL.Community, CopyFx, SignalStart, etc.
What does the advisor’s price include?
Except for the robot itself and its set files the pack includes:
  -Permanent clients support;
All future updates and improvements of the advisor’s current version;
  -Table for counting risks for each pair;
  -New set files if necessary.
The advisor doesn’t work
We did our best to make the advisor as understandable and stable as possible. If you installed the advisor exactly as it was described and the problem appears, feel free to contact our support service and describe your problems in details. It would be better if you attach screenshots where we could see the problem (if possible send MT4 journal logs, set files which you used).
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